Top Best Sound Quality USB Microphones In Market In 2021 You Should Really Consider.

I have been collecting some of the most popular microphones for streaming and for gaming so I think we have a pretty diverse microphone collection some budget stuff some staples and some surprisingly good quality mics in here too so put on some headphones and enjoy let’s cover some basic mics.

Fifine 669 microphone

Fifine microphone is a condenser that comes with a user manual a little stand for attachment and a non-removable USB 2 cable the volume in the front has nice resistance controls the gain of the microphone and there is no headphone jack for 30 dollars I’m really curious if you’ll be able to hear the difference between the more high-end stuff but given the current situation, this microphone is a lot more expensive 50 markup at 45.

The Fifine 669 is quite surprising. It does a good job of capturing audio for vocals, instruments, and even background. So, it will definitely get the job done for most audio recordings, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are aiming for something a little more professional. Overall, it’s a rock-solid entry-level mic.

Modmic USB

Modmic USB is always a nice addition to your favorite headphones the magnetic clasp system is brilliant we get the mute button down the cable that’s perfectly in reach and a dual microphone capsule for noise cancellation or broadcast quality at 80 dollars it’s a compact solution.

If you need a good boom for your PC or PS4 gaming setup, this is an excellent choice, but the ModMic 5 still offers a bit more bang for your buck. Ease-of-use is one thing, but Antlion’s add-on mic is worth it because it creates excellent audio footage. ModMic USB doesn’t sound as good as some of the more expensive dedicated USB microphones like a HyperX Quadcast or Blue Yeti

Razer Seiren Emote microphone

Razer Seiren Emote microphone and the only reason it’s in here is because of that matrix led that’s facing the viewers so it’s the most engaging streaming microphone out there that can sync when you get a subscriber or bids or reaction is kind of pricey for voice quality at 129but the basics are covered with a headphone jack and a mute switch and a headphone volume dial at the front you will have to work with razer synapse to set everything up and the led matrix is pretty beautiful but the voice quality is not there for 129 dollars.

Yeti’s Original and Yeti’s Nano

Yeti’s the original and the nano love the blue color by the way both have headphone monitoring mic mute and headphone volume dial at the front with a few more controls on the go Yeti like gain and four pickup patterns the price difference is 30 dollars which is totally worth it.

The good Whether you’re recording a podcast, an interview, or a concert, the Yeti’s THX-certified sound quality, integrated gain control, and four recording modes (including stereo) make it a top choice for a USB microphone. The bad If you’re looking for something subtle and portable, the Yeti is not for you

Hyperx Quadcast S

Hyperx Quadcast with that gorgeous red shine through that is also the built-in pop filter we have the capacitive mute switch up to four pickup patterns and a mini USB cable just like the yeti with zero-latency monitoring and my only complaint here is the gain dial at the bottom.

That is super easy to just accidentally move out of place at 139 dollars it’s a very good microphone that has built-in noise cancellation as well and makes your voice faster, of course, the noise cancellation is not aggressive it’s basically a built-in low-pass filter that cuts out anything that’s super in the background.

The HyperX QuadCast S sounds excellent, has multiple capsule configurations, features onboard gain adjustment and headphone monitoring, and comes with a shock mount. Even looking at the colored lighting as an afterthought, this is a compelling package for $160

Audiotechnica ART2500X

My surprise of the day microphone is the new Audiotechnica ART2500X USB type-c cable is removable and easily accessible the same with a headphone jack at the front with buttons for volume the included tripod is kind of brilliant and the microphone sounds incredible for119 dollars that is an easy recommendation.

The Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB sounds good. It records audio cleanly, with wide and fairly unbiased frequency response. Its input gain is fixed, but the level of audibility remains fairly ideal with ample headroom. For a mic designed to record conversation-level voices, and it functions admirably

Elgato Wave 1 and Wave 3

Elgato the Wave 1and Wave 3 use the same cardioid condenser capsule so they should sound identical although of course the wave three being the higher model has the higher kilohertz range it really doesn’t matter the only difference are the controls as the wave3 has headphone volume and input gain adjustment with monitor crossfade while wave 1 only has headphone volume control and push to mute

While wave 3 has that fancy capacitive mute button on top of the microphone they both have zero-latency headphone jack and the type connection with a long cable and a mic 10 adapter the wave 3 is the most expensive in this roundup at $159 and $129 for wave one but the icing on the cake is the driver software that’s called wave link that is extremely powerful and is actually quite beneficial for streamers.

It really lets you configure what you hear as a gamer what you pass on to a different channel for the audience to hear as a viewer and there’s a lot of granularity is that a word there’s a lot of flexibility in what you can do with the software it’s awesome.

Blue Amber

Blue amber which is the only one that’s not USB so it’s not exactly in the same category as the others but it’s only 99 and delivers a beautiful sound Blue Microphones are popular not only because of their quality but also because of their versatility. As a result, you can use almost any item in their line for your creative pursuits—may it be YouTubing or music recording—and get a great result