Future of Digital Marketing in 2022 Must Be Know

We’re going to talk about the future of digital marketing so future trends to look out for both now and in 2021 and beyond both for digital marketing agency owners and also any business owner that wants to stay ahead of the curve with their marketing so as a marketer or as a business owner it is so important that we stay on top of the curve, okay we stay ahead of the trends I think a lot of people can get overwhelmed with how Facebook ads can be increasing their spend and how google ads can get more expensive and how globally all these new advertisement platforms are popping up it can get overwhelming.

We can often forget that we need to embrace change in the marketing space as opposed to being afraid of it so I want to talk about some of the hottest trends right now that you need to embrace and certainly look out for in the future the first one being ai artificial intelligence now I’ve spoken about this before but ai is all around us it’s unavoidable Netflix and google and amazon all of these companies they literally have individual teams who are responsible for implementing ai nowadays think literally a couple of weeks ago Netflix brought out the social dilemma which is a documentary about how social media platforms are literally built to make us addicted to them.

I would recommend you watching it but one of the interesting concepts or not even a concept one of the interesting things they speak about is however social media platform builds a digital avatar of their users so every single person who uses Facebook, for example, has a digital avatar which is created from all of the things that we do online whether that’s liking pages statuses the photos that we like they even track whether you’ve looked at a photograph of your ex which was mind-blowing for me and some of the data which is actually attractive you don’t even really realize.

It’s being tracked but all of this is building this digital avatar of ourselves and the more complex and sophisticated that avatar is the better and more refined targeting can be for advertisers so in that sense ai is certainly something which we need to embrace we need to welcome with open arms because the more developed and complex those avatars get the better it is that uh the better our targeting will before our advertisers and advertisement efforts so um the other thing I wanted to mention was we’ve got chatbots which are ai based we’re already integrating with chatbots all the time chatbots are something if you’ve got a company you definitely should be embracing especially. if you’re a local brick and mortar company you don’t need to be manually replying to messages all the time you don’t need to take somebody through customer journey manually you can create a chatbot to do that for you through is literally expected to grow to a190 billion-dollar industry by 2025 and read last night when I was researching for this video that 60of companies are using to drive digital revenue towards their companies now there are also ai-based um ad creation tools one called adex.

I use about six months ago will literally create adverts based on the information you input on its platform right but did input one of my most profitable e-commerce clients about six months ago and it pretty much flopped right I was really profitable about eight times to return on investment on Facebook on adex it was probably around one to two times, okay soit really really flopped I was really disappointed so I don’t think that that technology is quite advanced enough to be creating adverts for us yet but a lot of people are scared that like hey when ai gets really complex then it’s going to replace advertisements and that and that simply isn’t true because these platforms are literally built on the basis of advertisers they make all of their money from us we are the product and so they won’t want to replace our ai is going to be a tool for us.

When we can do ai ao based targeting based on customer files for example imagine the day when you can upload a customer file their hobbies what they like to do what the kind of their age is where are they based a full customer avatar and you can upload that onto a targeting based system and it’ll suggest all of these different audiences that you can run that’s when we really are going to get a benefit from ai so certainly is something that we need to embrace and as soon as I figure out any or find any ai-based tools which really really work I will let you guys know um but we’re always testing things out in the afternoon agency.

So that the second thing I want to talk about is voice search it is said that 55 of all American households will have some kind of a smart speaker with voice search by 2022 I mean we already have our mobile phone so we’ve got Siri and amazing Alexa I mean pretty much everybody has a smartphone these days and so it is becoming grained in our everyday life I mean I use it to set timers I use it to turn my lights on or not through Philips hue it’s something which was alien to me a year ago which is now a very very regular thing or regular occurrence in my life but it’s also been it’s also created this entirely new industry called voice search shopping which is a two billion dollar industry right now you can literally buy products from voice search from alexel from Siri, uh it’s expected to grow to40 billion by 2022 which is the crazy thing so it’s going to be huge.

The way I’m thinking about it is how are we actually gonna get our products on the top of that search because there’s only gonna be like one product at the top of that search may be three Alexa isn’t gonna list out five to ten different companies or ten five to ten different products which you can buy you’re gonna get fed up with that it’s gonna be like one to three products and so is that gonna be really really good SEO to get to the top there or is it gonna be paid advertisement now judging by the way that the world works and money rules the world and all of that stuff I’m betting it’s gonna be paid.

So therefore there’s gonna be a huge opportunity for marketing agencies to offer voice search as a service and maybe we’ll see the birth of entirely independent voice search dedicated marketing agencies it’s really really going to be interesting to see how that paves out and again it’s going to be something which companies need to start thinking about how can we ensure that our products are SEO reach rich are voice search ready because you’re going to have to have shorter descriptions and surely it’s only going to work for certain products which you can explain over voice it’s going to be a really really tricky industry to predictand and definitely something.

We need to keep our eyes on especially if you’re selling products in the online space right now the third thing to talk about is blockchain technology many people think blockchain is just cryptocurrency and decentralization of currency as we know it and whilst blockchain is all about decentralization it has so many other uses rather than just cryptocurrency and just to explain very briefly how it all works probably areally crap way of explaining things but I’ll do my best and I recommend you do your own research at the moment if a person wants to send money to person b we have to go for a centralized bank okay so we’re going to the bank and it takes a cut off it and then it goes to person b and probably charges a really large fee that’s international with blockchain technology a person a want to send money to person b they make the request decay which gets verified by all these other nodes on the network.

It gets verified by all these other people on the chain which then say yeah okay this is a legitimate transaction it then gets stamped and goes over to person b, okay so it’s verified by the entire network as opposed to it being just one place okay which makes it much more secure much more reliable and it also creates this data trail all the different blocks from the past okay all these different or the previous transactions now this can be used in an advertisement sense in Facebook or Instagram for example when advertisers are spending money online every time we bid and we get purchases or every time we show our ads in front of people this could be a creating this blockchain-based data trail which would make advertising more secure it can be used to get rid of fake spam bots and fake accounts online because we’re gonna know the origin of every single account out there it can just be used to enhance security on all levels within our companies as well as fraud and chargeback requests.