Can MacOS Sonoma Be the Solution or the Culprit?

In this article, we will delve into the features of MacOS Sonoma and examine their advantages and disadvantages. We will also identify the Mac models that are compatible with Sonoma and those that are not. Macs running on the Sonoma platform introduce a notable feature that allows users to place widgets directly on their desktops, eliminating the need to hide them within the Notification Center. These widgets offer enhanced interactivity, enabling tasks such as checking off to-do list items without opening the corresponding app.


Furthermore, Sonoma extends support for iOS widgets, allowing users to run them on their Mac desktops, even if the iOS app itself is not installed. This extensive revamp brings both the potential for convenient time-saving benefits and the risk of becoming distracting if not implemented effectively. Apple’s approach in handling these interactive widgets will play a crucial role in determining their overall usefulness and impact.



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Here are the top 10 exciting features of Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Sonoma:

Desktop Widgets

With the introduction of Sonoma, placing widgets on your Mac desktop has become even more flexible. Now, you have the freedom to position widgets anywhere you prefer. Additionally, these widgets have the ability to dynamically adjust their color based on your background image, ensuring a visually cohesive experience. When used alongside other apps, the widgets intelligently adapt to become less obtrusive.

Moreover, Sonoma enables seamless integration with other Apple devices. By connecting your Mac and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network, you can leverage widgets from your iPhone directly on your Mac. This synchronization between devices expands the functionality and accessibility of widgets across the Apple ecosystem.

MacOS Sonoma Safari Enhancements

Safari on Mac now includes a feature called Profiles, which enables users to organize their browsing experience more effectively. With Profiles, you can create distinct sets of tabs tailored to specific tasks. This proves particularly useful if you use your Mac for both work and leisure, as it helps prevent confusion caused by mixing bookmarks, favorites, and apps.

By creating separate profiles, you can maintain a clear separation between different activities. For example, you can have one profile dedicated to work-related tasks and another for recreational browsing. Freelancers can benefit by assigning individual profiles to each client, ensuring a more organized and focused workflow.

Moreover, safari Profiles provide a practical solution for streamlining your browsing experience, allowing for better task management and enhanced productivity.


Web Apps

MacOS Sonoma now includes support for web apps as part of its new features. This functionality eliminates the need to repeatedly type URLs or search through multiple open tabs in a browser. Instead, users can install web apps directly on their desktop or in the Dock for quick and easy access with a simple click.

Web apps encompass a wide range of web services, including email, social networking, music and video streaming services, and much more. Once installed, these web apps function just like regular apps, running in a full window and offering all the features and capabilities of the respective websites they access.

This integration of web apps into macOS provides a convenient and efficient way to interact with web services, enhancing productivity and providing a more seamless user experience. By bringing web apps to the forefront, users can enjoy the benefits of their favorite online services without the hassle of navigating through multiple browser tabs.

New Screensavers

MacOS introduces a delightful addition for those who appreciate the preloaded screensavers on their Mac. Users will be pleased to discover new options featuring mesmerizing slow-motion videos that showcase stunning locations around the world, including Arizona, California, and Hong Kong. These visually captivating screensavers bring an extra level of elegance to the display of your Mac.

Furthermore, Sonoma enhances the screensaver experience by relocating the login prompt to the bottom of the screen. This thoughtful adjustment ensures that the screensaver’s imagery remains unobstructed, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the displayed scenes.


Improved Video Conferencing

MacOS Sonoma offers improved video conferencing capabilities. These include:

  1. Presenter Overlay: MacOS Sonoma introduces a revolutionary video effect that empowers users to overlay their own image on top of the content they are sharing, creating a unique and interactive visual experience for their audience.
  2. Reactions:  macOS Sonoma introduces an exciting feature that enables users to express their emotions seamlessly by effortlessly incorporating balloons, confetti, hearts, and other delightful elements into their videos. These interactive reactions can be triggered with a simple hand gesture, allowing users to add a touch of fun and personalization to their shared content.

The improved Screen Sharing picker makes it easy to share apps during video calls. To share an app during a call, simply click on the green button located in the upper-left corner of the app’s window.

Passwords and Passkeys Sharing

In macOS Sonoma, a new password and passkey sharing feature has been introduced, allowing users to selectively share their credentials with others. While passwords are typically considered personal and private, there are certain accounts that may need to be shared with trusted individuals such as friends, family, or colleagues. With this feature, users can create a group and determine which passwords they want to share.

Whenever those passwords are updated or changed, the updates are automatically transmitted to the members of the group through iCloud Keychain. This ensures that everyone stays up to date with the latest password information. Additionally, users have the flexibility to manage the sharing by removing passwords or users from the group as needed. This password and passkey sharing feature in macOS Sonoma provides a convenient and secure way to share specific account credentials while maintaining control over access to personal information.


MacOS Sonoma PDF Fillability

In macOS Sonoma, productivity is enhanced with a convenient feature that allows PDFs to recognize text areas and convert them into fillable fields. This capability enables users to edit and sign PDF forms, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and effort. However, for those seeking a PDF editor with a wider range of advanced tools, Nitro PDF Pro is highly recommended. With its user-friendly interface, Nitro PDF Pro simplifies the PDF workflow by offering fast PDF creation, editing, merging, and conversion functionalities. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration through features such as commenting, secure document sharing, and form-filling capabilities. Discover the power of Nitro PDF Pro to elevate your PDF editing experience.

Accessibility Features

MacOS  introduces a convenient feature that enhances productivity by allowing PDFs to recognize text areas and convert them into fillable fields. This enables users to efficiently edit and sign PDF forms, saving valuable time and effort. However, for those seeking a PDF editor with more advanced functionalities, Nitro PDF Pro is recommended. Nitro PDF Pro offers a user-friendly interface and streamlines the PDF workflow with its comprehensive set of tools, including fast PDF creation, editing, merging, and conversion capabilities.

Additionally, it facilitates collaboration through features like commenting, secure document sharing, and form filling. With Nitro PDF Pro, users can take their PDF editing experience to the next level, ensuring a smooth and efficient document management process.

Something Exciting for Gamers

MacOS Sonoma not only introduces a range of impressive features but also brings a host of exciting new games from renowned developers across various genres. Apple has recently announced the arrival of several captivating titles, including Fort Solis, Snow Runner, Stray, DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT,  World of Warcraft: HUMANKIND, Dragonflight, The Medium, Resident Evil Village: Winter’s Expansion, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Firmament, No Man’s Sky, Dragonheir:  Silent Gods, ELEX II  and Layers of Fear. This diverse collection of games offers thrilling experiences for gamers of all preferences, ensuring hours of entertainment on macOS Sonoma-powered devices. Whether players enjoy exploration, strategy, action, or suspense, these new game releases expand the gaming possibilities on the macOS platform.


To enhance the gaming experience on Mac, Apple has introduced a new Game Mode in macOS Sonoma. This mode optimizes system performance by automatically prioritizing CPU and GPU resources. For the active game, ensuring smoother gameplay with optimal graphics performance. By allocating more resources to the game, Game Mode enhances responsiveness and minimizes lag. Additionally, Game Mode intelligently reduces the allocation of resources to background apps. Also allowing the game to fully utilize the available system resources. This dedicated focus on gaming enhances the overall gaming experience on Mac by maximizing performance and minimizing distractions from other applications running in the background.

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Unfavorable Problems with MacOS Sonoma

Now we discuss the various unfavorable problems that users have encountered with MacOS  Sonoma.

Cannot Install macOS 14 Sonoma

Many users often encounter the frustrating problem of being unable to install macOS 14 Sonoma. Which can dampen the excitement of accessing the latest features and improvements. However, there are workarounds that can help you overcome this obstacle and successfully install the operating system.

Safari Browser Profiles Not Working for MacOS Sonoma

Some users have reported encountering issues with Safari browser profiles after upgrading to macOS 14 Sonoma. These problems can disrupt the browsing experience and cause inconvenience. However, there are methods available to address this issue and restore the functionality of Safari browser profiles. By following the appropriate troubleshooting steps, you can resolve the problem. Must ensure that your Safari browser profiles work smoothly once again.


Wi-Fi Disconnection

Users have reported experiencing frustrating Wi-Fi disconnection issues after upgrading to macOS 14 Sonoma. Which can disrupt internet browsing, video streaming, and other online activities. These problems may include sudden drops in the Wi-Fi connection or the inability to establish a stable connection. To address this connectivity issue, several potential solutions can be explored. By implementing troubleshooting steps and applying recommended fixes, users can overcome. Wi-Fi disconnection problems and restore a reliable internet connection on their Mac running macOS 14 Sonoma.

Slow Motion Screensaver Wallpaper Can’t Download

macOS 14 Sonoma introduces a collection of captivating screensaver wallpapers, featuring mesmerizing slow-motion visuals. However, some users have encountered difficulties when attempting to download these stunning wallpapers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to resolve this issue and successfully download the desired screensaver wallpapers. By troubleshooting and implementing recommended solutions, you can enjoy Sonoma’s captivating screensaver wallpapers.

Excessive Heating

After updating to macOS 14 Sonoma, users reported excessive heating on their Mac devices. This issue can adversely affect performance and potentially impact the longevity of the hardware. Symptoms may include increased temperatures and elevated fan activity, which can result in discomfort and potential hardware complications. To mitigate this problem, there are several steps you can take to address excessive heating. Such as optimizing system settings, managing resource-intensive applications, ensuring proper ventilation, and considering additional cooling solutions if necessary. By implementing these measures, you can help maintain a cooler and more efficient operating temperature for your Mac device, promoting optimal performance and extending its lifespan.


Alarms May Not Play in MacOS Sonoma

The alarm feature in macOS 14 Sonoma brings several improvements, enabling users to set reminders and wake-up calls more efficiently. There is a known bug where alarms may fail to play when the display has been asleep for an extended period. This issue can cause inconvenience and potentially lead to missed alarms. To address this bug, it is recommended to keep the display awake or adjust power settings to prevent it from entering sleep mode. By taking these precautions, users can ensure that alarms function reliably and effectively, providing timely reminders and wake-up notifications as intended in macOS 14 Sonoma.

App and Lock Screen Crashing

After upgrading to macOS 14 Sonoma, users have encountered issues with app crashes and lock screen freezing. This can potentially disrupt users’ workflow and result in feelings of frustration and inconvenience. Instances have been reported where applications unexpectedly crash or become unresponsive. While the lock screen may freeze and fail to respond to user inputs. To resolve these problems, several troubleshooting steps can be undertaken. By implementing recommended solutions and ensuring that software and applications are up to date. Users can mitigate app crashes and lock screen issues, restoring a smooth and uninterrupted. User experience on their Mac running macOS 14 Sonoma.

Messages Not Sending

The Messages app serves as a crucial communication tool. For many Mac users, and encountering problems with message sending can be extremely inconvenient. After upgrading to macOS 14 Sonoma, some users have reported difficulties where messages fail to send successfully. This issue can disrupt communication and cause frustration.

However, users can take steps to address this problem. By checking network connectivity, verifying account settings, and ensuring that the Messages app is up to date. Users can resolve issues with message sending and restore seamless communication on their Mac devices running macOS 14 Sonoma.

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