11 Tech Trends For 2021 And Beyond

The corona pandemic will only accelerate these trends, as organizations look to leverage technology to manage through the crisis and better position themselves for the eventual recovery. At the core of these developments are what are collectively called 3rd platform technologies, comprising cloud, mobile, social, and Big Data technologies, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), AR/VR, blockchain, 3D printing, robotics, and next-generation security technologies.

While these technologies represent important innovations for businesses on their own, when combined, they have a much more profound impact on how organizations grow, evolve and innovate. They will comprise an increasingly larger share of annual ICT spending through 2022 as more and more organizations implement ICT-based digital solutions to optimize IT and business processes, to support resiliency, and to develop the necessary capabilities of the future enterprise for an eventual resumption of growth in the global economy.

How much is being invested in Europe and worldwide in tech trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 3D Printing, both now and in the coming years, and which countries are ahead of the rest of Europe? The report “11 Tech Trends for 2021 and Beyond” provides summaries and market forecasts for the individual trends for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK as well as comparable data for Europe and the global market.

The pandemic will only accelerate these trends, as organizations look to leverage technology to manage through the crisis and better position themselves for the eventual recovery.

1 3D Printing

1.1 Definition

1.2 Market Outlook

2 Artificial Intelligence

2.1 Definition

2.2 Market Outlook

3 Augmented/Virtual Reality

3.1 Definition

3.2 Market Outlook

4 Big Data and Analytics

4.1 Definition

4.2 Market Outlook

5 Blockchain

5.1 Definition

5.2 Market Outlook

6 Cloud

6.1 Definition

6.2 Market Outlook

7 Internet of Things

7.1 Definition

7.2 Market Outlook

8 Mobility

8.1 Definition

8.2 Market Outlook

9 Robotics

9.1 Definition

9.2 Market Outlook

10 Security

10.1 Definition

10.2 Market Outlook

11 Social Definition & Market Outlook

12 Data Tables

12.1 France

12.2 Germany

12.3 Italy

12.4 Spain

12.5 United Kingdom

12.6 Europe

12.7 World

So, what should we expect in 2021? Well, 10 years ago, what did you expect to see now? Did you expect the word “Friend” to become a verb? Did you expect your twelve-year-old brother to stay up texting until 2am? Did you expect 140-character messaging systems enabling widespread revolutions against decades-old dictatorial regimes?

The next 10 years will be an era of unprecedented connectivity; this much we know. It will build upon the social networks, both real and virtual, that we’ve all played a role in constructing, bringing ideas together that would have otherwise remained distant, unknown strangers. Without twitter and a steady drip of mainstream media, would we have ever so strongly felt the presence of the Arab Spring? What laughs, gasps, or loves, however fleeting, would have been lost if not for Chatroulette? Keeping in mind that as our connections grow wider and more intimate, so too will the frequency of our connectedness, and as such, your own understanding of just what kinds of relationships are possible will be stretched and revolutionized as much as any piece of hardware.

Truly, the biggest changes we’ll face will not come in the form of any visible technology; the changes that matter most, as they always have, will occur in those places we know best but can never quite see: our own hearts and minds.